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As a supplier of measuring and testing equipment with our own quality certificate, our demands on shipping companies, which supply customers on our behalf, are just as high as they are on our suppliers. Especially in the case of sensitive measurement equipment, we attach great importance to careful packaging and safe transport. For this reason, we select the transport company for each order, depending on several factors:

– Nature of the products ordered
– Destination country / destination of the transport
– Deadlines for delivery time
– Value of the shipment
– Special requests on the side of the customer
– Utilization of the shipping companies
– Possible pick-up dates on the side of the shipping companies

You pay a fixed price for shipping & packaging according to our shipping price tables, regardless of the shipping method chosen by us for your order. This ensures that your order is delivered to you in the safest and fastest way possible – we usually pay more for transport than we charge you in our shop for shipping and prefer to save on the lower transport damage rate.

Which shipping companies do we work with and why ?

1. United Parcel Service of America, Inc (UPS)

Our prioritized shipping company for shipments under 50kG total weight, within and outside Germany. Our statistics show that our shipments with UPS are transported most carefully and with a high probability to arrive on time.

2. TNT Express N.V.

For shipments over 50kG net weight and lighter shipments, which we ship on pallets despite low weight, within and outside Germany – we prefer TNT Express. TNT specialises in particularly heavy and bulky consignments and has a lot of experience and a wide transport network in this field. The transport damage rate is low and shipments are highly likely to arrive on time.

3. DHL and DHL Express

For particularly urgent shipments we use DHL or DHL Express. Compared to other shipping companies DHL offers the shortest delivery times, unfortunately the transport damage rate is the highest.

Which shipping companies do we not work with ?

1. DPDgroup (DPD)

Unfortunately, our experience has shown that shipments via DPD are mostly delivered too late or damaged. Customer support also leaves a lot to be desired, even if shipping costs could be saved, we have removed DPD from our list and ask for your understanding.

2. General Logistics Systems B.V. (GLS)

Similar to DPD, GLS shows unacceptable delay and transport loss rates in our statistics.

Shipping Price Tables