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In order to become part of our supplier network, a manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as a supplier) can either apply with at least one product for inclusion in our range, or he will be invited by our purchasing department to participate in our inclusion process and be included in our range. Of course we are also happy to receive suggestions from our customers, if you are missing a product or a manufacturer in our range please write to us using the form below on this page.

Your advantages as part of our supplier network

Finding a salesperson (distributor) for your products is not difficult, especially in times of increasing globalization, neither in your country of production (company location) nor abroad. Hundreds of thousands of companies in Germany alone specialize in the sale of goods, hundreds in the sales of measuring and testing equipment.

With such a large range of distributors willing to cooperate, special attention should be paid to whether the distributor can offer his customers what others cannot – and here we are unbeatable.

Advantages that speak for us:
– Quality guarantee through our in-house Laborance Zertifikat
– Fast and reliable customer support
– Central warehouse location in Europe (Germany)
– Fast and safe shipping worldwide from Germany with a lot of experience even with heavy shipments (up to 2.000kG)
– Technical service for customers after purchase from our company (warranty repair, maintenance)
– Years of experience in the field of development and marketing of laboratory and measuring technology through our own brand (DSC-Electronics Germany)

How the application process works ?

1. You apply with one or more products for the supplier status and the inclusion of the product(s) in our range, or are invited in writing by our purchasing department. The application should be made using the form with details of the address, contact details, company website and the advertised item(s) with as many data sheets, instructions, conditions (prices) and information on these as possible.

2. Our purchasing department will process your application and check whether the advertised product fits into our assortment, you will be asked for further details and information if necessary. In any case, you will receive a response within the next 48 hours.

3. If a positive decision has been made by our purchasing department, you will receive our supplier contract for review in this step. If no changes to the contract are necessary, the contract will first be signed with reservation (until the supplier has been successfully checked).

4. Now the productive part of the acceptance process begins, while we guide you through the supplier review, the new products are already prepared for sale (documentation, certification, … ) and then listed on our website.

5. That’s it ! You are now part of our constantly expanding supplier network and your product is part of our assortment.

Requirements for our suppliers (supplier testing):
We work exclusively directly with manufacturers of the products we offer, without intermediaries. During the supplier inspection it is ensured that the supplier is also the manufacturer of the offered products.

Do you have any questions or would you like to apply as our supplier ?