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As a German company with business relations within and outside the EU, we take data protection and responsibility very seriously – we have explained this in detail in our Terms and Conditions as well as in our Privacy Policy. In order to give you a brief overview of the most important points of our terms and conditions and services, we have summarised them below. If you still have any questions, you can download the complete version of all documents as a PDF file. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Laborance Germany is a trademark of DSC-Electronics Germany, for this reason the AGB’S, regulations and regulations of DSC-Electronics Germany apply. Please note special clauses regarding the brand “Laborance” and devices marked with the Laborance seal (certificate). Further documents such as the certification guidelines for the Laborance certificate, instructions and manuals for products and data sheets can be found in our Downloads section.

Sale and delivery regulations

Terms of payment

We accept direct debits, credit card payments and transfers via PayPal (even without registration) and Klarna, as well as normal bank transfers.


Our prices are net plus shipping (unless the shipping is organized by the customer).


The delivery times are subject to availability and are shown separately for each item on the product page and during the ordering process. In-Stock items will be dispatched on the same working day (for orders before 12:00).

Delivery terms (Incoterms)

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is by CIP (freight and insurance paid) (DHL, UPS, TNT).

Contract cancellation

Clients (commercial and private) can revoke the contract within 14 days without justification, provided that the purchased item is marked with the Laborance seal (certificate) – the revocation must be in writing.

Return of the goods upon revocation

Client bears the costs of the return.

Warranty and warranty claims


Are to be announced to us immediately, the right to claim for defects exists within 24 months after delivery.


Products bearing the Laborance Seal (certificate) are under warranty for a period of three years from delivery, all other products are covered by a two-year limited warranty. Except for wearing parts.

Extended Warranty

Five years from delivery, excluding wearing parts.

Return of the goods in case of warranty

We take over the collection and return of the goods according to the method chosen by us.

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